This is the one, folks; this is the one that we’ll be remembered for. The human species will finally lay claim to being the most superior entity in the known universe when we can casually send our Grandmother on a dizzying ride around the globe from the comforts of low Earth orbit. And that’s just the start; companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX have been vying for some time to become among the first to commercialize space travel, and from all accounts they will have no shortage of willing customers.  
There is no question that the allure of whipping over the Earth at hundreds of miles per second while floating in zero gravity will only increase over time as the technology and feasibility of this prospect grows ever closer. Like the first 747 and Concorde flights, the early experiences will obviously be cost prohibitive for most of us, but this will only improve as the industry advances and reduces the expense to an affordable luxury. As a result, the success of commercial space flight will probably be the single greatest payoff in the entirety of human industry, so book your flight now!
‘Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do.’